Guided by Academia and Industry Experts, we are an organization that aims to cultivate youth developers all over Africa. 

We believe the Youth should have access to the latest and greatest technology. PAICTAHACKS  is always looking for new ways to empower youth and support the growing community. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to display their creativity and innovativeness PAICTAHACKS fosters those opportunities. Whether we’re developing a new product or just making one of the many decisions we make every day, these core values guide us towards our mission of empowering Youth.

As a team, we leverage our resources to accomplish the impossible.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a returning veteran, you’ll feel right at home at PAICTAHACKS powered events.

What is your strength?

Whether you are an individual developer, an aspiring start-up entrepreneur looking for the insight of the hacker community – you are welcome to join!

PAICTAHACKS is open to all skillsets and ideas –  senior and junior developers, teams and individuals, youth, ideas and projects.

We believe that talent from all walks of life makes our community unique and helps to develop more comprehensive solutions. We also believe hacking means continuous learning, which is why we encourage youth and hackers-to-be to register.

Immerse yourself in networking, make your skills useful to others and accept the challenge to try out something you didn’t dare to do before.



At PAICTAHACKS we invite you to test your limits – be it an intensive coding marathon or a jump into unknown as you take a chance at developing your dream project.


At PAICTAHACKS we appreciate the spirit of helping each other in any way we can. We are “Yes, I can do that!”- type of people. Apply for volunteering at PAICTAHACKS!


Whether your community is looking for digital solutions to your community challenges, promoting your services to thousands of innovators or learning to leverage open innovation, we have a service for you. PAICTAHACKS is your long-term partner in open innovation.


Are you a start-up looking for a market access, pilot partner or seed funding? Pitch your idea and we will assist in turning it into a digital solution, get feedback and benefit from our mentoring. Meet potential customers, partners or co-founders.

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